Here at Apache Rose London, we love music just as much as we love jewellery. Music, fashion and jewellery have always gone hand in hand, as they each evoke expression, creativity and individuality. We want to celebrate this relationship by sharing our love for all things music right here with you. Apache Rose founder and DJ, Anna Burke (aka Missy Marks), will post regular playlists, mixes and tracks right here, simply for your listening pleasure. We hope you enjoy!

Missy's Stompin' House Party Mix

Posted on July 05, 2017 by Anna Burke | 0 Comments

Check out my latest mix that I made for a house party I recently played at. It's pretty bouncy dance vibes, as the name suggests! Hope you guys enjoy :-)

Stevie Wonder vs. Soul Train!

Posted on July 05, 2017 by Anna Burke | 0 Comments

Soul Train has to be one of the coolest TV shows to have ever been made. I can quite easily while away hours watching the incredible archive footage on You Tube. There is quite literally nothing better.  The funkiest 70's outfits you'll ever see,  sick dances moves and some of the best funk and soul music ever made, all wrapped up into one epic TV show.  Here is a little taste of when Stevie Wonder made an appearance on the show.  But stay tuned for more Soul Train related posts as I'm absolutely going to have to share one of their classic dancing train videos in the near future...

RIP David Bowie - A True Legend

Posted on January 12, 2016 by Anna Burke | 0 Comments

David Bowie - a legend in its truest form.  A man who was always a presence within my lifetime. Someone I revered and adored, from countless hours listening to his mind blowing music. 'Labyrinth' was a firm favourite movie of mine as a child growing up. And lets not forget his more recent hilarious cameo appearance in Ricky Gervais' 'Extras'.  The world truly lost its 'Starman' yesterday. RIP

Summer's In The Air - Smiling Faces

Posted on April 20, 2015 by Anna Burke | 0 Comments

I love this time of year... the evenings get longer and the trees start sprouting blossom, you can smell the onset of Summer in the air. Every now and again you come across a track that encapsulates this feeling perfectly.  I happened upon this track 'Smiling Faces' by Undisputed Truth just this week. This is the Future Shock Main Ingredient Mix and it makes me dream of long lazy summer days by the sea.  Not long now people....

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The Jimmy Castor Bunch - 'Its Just Begun'

Posted on February 16, 2015 by Anna Burke | 0 Comments

Credit where credit's due, not only is this a classic disco/funk tune that quite simply 'bangs' but the video is a highly entertaining amalgamation of some of the slickest breaking dance moves I've ever witnessed.  If you want to indulge in 3 minutes of pure 'cool' then hit play now.  Some amazing percussion thrown in and a tad of vinyl crackle at the beginning, it just hits the spot...

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The Seven Ups And Some Serious Bedroom Jamming..

Posted on January 05, 2015 by Anna Burke | 0 Comments

Afrobeat comes in all kinds of sumptuous shapes and sizes, and The Seven Ups provide the perfect example of this, fusing sounds inspired by 1970s Nigerian Afrobeat and deep street funk. This little snippet shows some of the best bedroom jamming I've ever witnessed.  Special props to the percussionist and his insane beats. Too easy to get lost in these sounds....

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Soundtrack to the Party Season in MattCatt's Global Mix 2014

Posted on December 15, 2014 by Anna Burke | 0 Comments

This is one of those upbeat, feel good funky mixes that can't fail to put a smile only our face. Looking for a soundtrack to take you through the festive party season, then look no further than this incredible, up tempo fusion of soulful classics, with a breaks re-work. MattCatt I salute you...

Global Mix 2014 by Mattcatt on Mixcloud


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