'Chef' The Movie - Incredible Soundtrack!

Posted on October 09, 2014 by Anna Burke | 0 Comments

Last night I had the pleasure of watching the incredible new movie 'Chef' which has just been released in 2014.  Written and directed by the amazing Jon Favreau, who also plays the leading role, this movie simply makes you feel great. The premise is a talented chef, who loses his job at a restaurant, and seeks to fulfil his dreams and find happiness by setting up a food truck. If you are a 'foodie' then you'll love the movie, but moreover, if you are a music lover, then there is no doubt that you will appreciate the ridiculously good soundtrack that carries you through the film. From hiphop to funk and reggae to Latin flavours, its a delicious and eclectic mixture of feel good sounds that cant fail to put a smile on your face.  One thing is for sure, if Jon Favereau put the soundtrack together, then he certainly knows his music every bit as well as he knows how to put together a great movie.  Listen here:



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