Funky Soulful Goodness in the Migrations Radio Show

Posted on November 21, 2014 by Anna Burke | 0 Comments

I was tuned into Radio Nula last night, one of my favourite digital radio stations, and an incredible funk fuelled track came on, the likes of which Id never heard before.  I ran to grab my phone to see the name of the track playing and saw that in fact, we were in the midst of a mix put together by Migrations Radio for their 543rd show.  I googled it immediately and located their mixcloud account and found the mix in full, in all its glory.  Here it is for you, a deliciously soul filled, nu-jazz mixture of funky goodness.  Im just pleased that there's another 542 previous Migrations Radio shows for me to explore....

2014-11-11 Migrations Radio Show #543 by Migrations Radio Show on Mixcloud




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