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    Looking stylish aged 8

    My jewellery obsession began at a pretty young age. Here I am aged 8 threading bracelets into my hair, although I have to say this look could have done with some refining.

    Tribal Inspiration

    I have always had an inexplainable fascination with Native American culture. It 100% inspires my curation when it comes to jewellery. I have been told I look like Pocahontas on more than one occasion!

    Apache Rose Peacock

    I have a photographic memory for song lyrics. In fact the very name Apache Rose was inspired by the song 'Apache Rose Peacock’ on The Red Hot Chili Pepper’s album ‘Blood Sugar Sex Magik’.

    Anna AKA Missy Marks

    Music is the other great passion in my life and I DJ at weekends under the alias Missy Marks. You can check out some of my mixes here at

    What was I thinking!?

    Im a mum of two gorgeous boys (Freddy, 4 and Jude, 1.5) and launched the business when I was pregnant with Freddy, which sure was interesting timing!

    Travel Inspiration

    Travel has always been a huge source of inspiration for me. I find jewellery in all kinds of interesting places far and wide. This photo was taken in a spice market in Kerala, South India.

    Photo love

    I recently bought myself a Nikon camera and now take most pictures of the jewellery myself. I have a new found obsession with photography.

    Box Park Pop Up

    The first Apache Rose pop up I ever did was at BoxPark in Shoreditch. This was taken on the first day it opened.