Silvia Rossi

Based in Trieste, a small town East of Venice, Silvia Rossi studied as a goldsmith and worked in costume jewellery design for 20 years.  There she developed an impressive technical understanding of the jewellery design and manufacturing process.  Silvia's inspired and unique trademark style quickly became apparent with the launch of her first exclusive collection in 2010.  Always working with colourful, clean geometric shapes, Silvia themes each collection, whether it be inspired by nature, vintage or futuristic fashion. In Silvia's own words:

Creating with my hands reconnects me to my primordial soul. For me making jewelry represents the search for proportion, scale, sense of balance, harmony of shapes, and beauty. Elements we constantly find in nature and mankind and have always tried to interpret through the arts.

Her signature material is 'crystal acrylic', as coined by Silvia herself.  Its effectively acrylic that has been honed and polished to such a degree that it glimmers as if it were a precious stone. The other benefit is that it is incredibly lightweight, and therefore comfortable to wear.  It offers the perfect balance between light, transparency and colour and is a material that few others in jewellery design excel in. With materials consciously sourced from Italy alone, Silvia creates her pieces by hand in her own studio in Trieste.