Sidai Designs // Teal Warrior Tribal Bracelet

This is a beautiful statement cuff hand beaded by the Maasai tribe in Tanzania, using traditional Maasai beading techniques. Lovingly made using an intriguing mixture of up-cycled products combined with more luxury materials such as soft leather, glass beads and sterling silver fastenings.  This bracelet combines white and teal glass beads to create a truly beautiful palette of colours.

Sidai Designs seeks to empower Maasai women by offering them the chance to use their traditional Maasai artistry and creative skills to produce beautiful fashion-led designs that will appeal to a worldwide market.  It is a sustainable, fair-trade social enterprise that can help bring about positive change for the Maasai women and their families, by offering them the chance for increased access to education and health services in Tanzania.  The pieces are truly unique and beautiful and made lovingly to an exceptional level of quality. Adjustable size.

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