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    Pichulik is a designer jewellery brand based in Cape Town in South Africa.  Pichulik is an intentional and ethical brand, taking much of their inspiration from sacred storytelling and ancient traditions to give an essence and meaning to their jewellery designs. They are highly experimental with materials and techniques, making their jewellery unique and instantly recognisable. Katherine-Mary Pichulik is the founder and lead designer who employs an all female African team in their Cape Town HQ. Much of Pichulik's narrative is about empowering women - from the women who make the jewellery to the women who wear it. "The ethos behind the Pichulik brand is the alchemy of transforming everyday materials, and through touch and craft and design, elevating them into something precious and covetable. As a result, the women wearing these pieces are inspired to be courageous and powerful"

    Read our exclusive Q&A with the jewellery designer Pichulik here.